Suns Out _____ Out

As that saying {& Urban Outfitters bro tank} goes…suns out buns/guns/etc out. I mean why not? The weather is gorgeous and San Diego offers so many different outdoor activities during the summer, it should be a crime to stay inside.

Living in San Diego, if you haven’t tried at least 1 water activity/sport, especially during the summer…I don’t know what you’re doing here then. You have surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, wakeboarding, the list goes on forever.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 12.58.32 AM

Except that I’m a total hypocrite cause half the time I’m the one inside. I love the beach but getting there {all 10 minutes…I know, the struggle}, well I get distracted and end up never making it out to do the hundreds of great summer time activities. {I really need to start a bucket list }

My little sister on the other hand is way fun. Like she and her best friends are constantly out doing adventurous things. In this 21st social media obsessed century we live in, Instagram is one way to get you to think “Wow my life is so boring compared to my 18 year old sister and her best friends”.

I mean look.

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I spent yesterday afternoon with my sister and her best friends paddle boarding in Mission Bay at the Mission Bay Sports Center. It’s a win-win really {or so I thought}, since I thought “Hey I get to tan, be fun and adventurous AND get a great workout in. Good job Diane!” Wrong.

What are the benefits of paddle boarding?

  • It uses almost all your muscles in your body {hey any workout that gets the job done with less equipment and effort and time I’m allllll for it}
    • Your core and abdominal muscles are constantly working so you don’t fall and embarrass yourself in front of that cute guy jet-skiing by…or just not swallow a whole bunch of salt water
    • In order to move forward you have to paddle. Duh. Therefore paddling involves the use of your arms, back, and shoulders to propel the paddle board in the water
    • And lastly, your leg muscles will be working overtime cause well you’ll be standing or at least attempting to so you don’t fall in

A picture is worth a thousand words. I mean I looked like I know what I’m doing {Lies. Pure photographic lies. I managed to only paddle backwards really well and was a mess went nowhere paddling forwards…}, but I’m wayyyy better at sitting on the board and letting Captain Morgan do all the work.{No not the liquor, though I did contemplate taking a shot prior, but my sisters wonderful friend who put up with me and paddled me around. Thanks Morgan!} Aka my “great” workout for the day = complete fail. My contribution involved a few strokes with the paddle and then I resorted to sitting and every now and then “paddling” with my hands.

Photo Aug 01, 11 04 17 PM

Photo Aug 01, 10 58 28 PM (1)Photo Aug 01, 11 00 59 PM

Photo Aug 01, 11 07 01 PM (1)Photo Aug 01, 10 56 38 PM  Photo Aug 01, 11 45 00 PM   Photo Aug 01, 9 42 39 PM


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