Happy Hour

My favorite time of the day is later in the evening, sitting on my couch watching Food Network, reading on my Kindle or watching a movie. You can ask my roommate Nicole, 5 out of 7 nights that’s where you’ll find me. I swear I can be fun though.

But happy hour will always have a special place in my heart. Discounted food & drinks + a recently cut off graduated adult human being >> yes please.

I always enjoy a good happy hour. By good I mean a nice location with a fun & relaxing vibe away from familiar faces. I love being able to sit with my best friend or a small group of close friends and have a good time laughing and catching up over food and drinks. All too often in San Diego, I end up at the typical spots especially for Taco Tuesday. I mean its hard not to when the food is great, the drinks are good and the view is…..



But I walk into a typical popular Del Mar restaurant & BAM its like my high school reunion. Every. Week. Doesn’t matter if it’s Taco Tuesday or not, I guarantee you I have seen someone from my high school or neighboring high school every time I attend a restaurant in Del Mar/Solana Beach for happy hour.

I mean there is a reason why I chose to attend college 500 miles away.

My best friend Bree & I decided to switch it up yesterday & take people watching & gossip hour happy hour to a new location. Hello Karl Strauss Brewing Company in Sorrento Valley. We were greeted with a picturesque pond when first walking into the restaurant & seated outdoors. Why not? It was slightly on the humid side but still a lovely 80 degrees with a slight breeze.

Photo Jul 30, 8 30 47 PM

 Not being a huge beer drinker (I know I know then why would I go to a brewery?), actually I don’t enjoy beer really whatsoever, I obviously went for the lightest beer they had to offer. Pale Ale. I thought “hmm maybe this is it, this could be THE beer I could like & actually finish for the first time in my life. Nope. I managed maybe 1/4 of the glass & gave up & happily sipped on my ice water & eating my beer pretzel.

I will say it loud & proud….I ENJOY HARD CIDER. (sorry Nicole & Andre) Yes. I admit it. I’ve never acquired the taste for beer. That taste palate never arrived for me even after 4 years & 1 too many frat parties/visits to the Davis bars (sorry mom & dad) in college.

Photo Jul 31, 12 13 51 AM

The second best part of happy hour is people watching. Karl Strauss in Sorrento Valley is strategically placed in the center of biotech & tech companies such as GenWay Biotech Inc. & Qualcomm. So obviously after a long day of work, a drink & some carbo-loaded yummy food is just what my inner health-conscious self tells me not to eat cures the over worked soul.

Enter Sorrento Valley’s brightest & hard working. By 5pm business casually dressed men & women flock by the dozen to get there drink on. You have your engineering groups discussing their latest projects, the finance group having deep conversations…into their phones, the guy that hates his job, his girlfriend, his life & yet still manages to make the most money downing beer after beer (hello Uber?), & of course the group of females who none have clearly been taught to use their indoor voices (even if it’s an outdoor setting, it’s the principle of it ok?).

I wish I had taken a picture because behind me was the largest group of Qualcomm employees that could’ve probably legally fit around 4-5 tables pushed together. I kid you not. All men. Not one female.

Which reminded me of something I read yesterday that my friend shared via Facebook regarding the lack of females in certain industries. (Although I myself am not in any of the fields that lack female presence I still support this).


All in all people watching & gossip hour happy hour was a success. My beer should have been a hard cider. However my beer pretzel made up for it. I’d give this happy hour an 8/10.

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